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At Overhauser's Outlet... We have Stuff

Yes, Stuff! You can find many unique and unusual items to enhance your project or decor. A wide variety of antiques and antique items of course, building items such as: oak bannisters, porch posts, leaded glass panels, stained glass, door hardware, light fixtures, chandiliers, and Davenport Hotel memorabilia, exciting high-end modern furnishings and some items that are nearly indescribable.

You can spend an hour or so browsing our fine collection of stuff... and you should... don't let someone else get away with your treasure.

A Photo of panels that depict Louis Davenport.

We have just a few Davenport Hotel items left. These could be a great addition to a family room, or placed in a commercial establishemt. These pieces are getting harder and harder to find.

A photo of two planters from the Davenport Hotel

Own a piece of the Davenport... you can practically feel the history emanating from these items.

Photo of room panels from the Hall of Doges at the Davenport Hotel.

This is an original two panel section of the lower wall from the Hall of Doges in the Davenport Hotel. These panels are made of plaster. You could make a latex mold of these two panels and duplicate them to your heart's content. Install the elegance of the Hall of Doges in your own dining room.

A photo of light fixtures from the Davenport Hotel.

If you were to add these light fixtures from the Davenport Hotel to the panels on the left, you could create your own Hall of Doges... and have your guests oooing and aaahing for years.

A photo of leaded glass panels.

Didn't we tell that you we had Stuff?
Talk about a marvy accent piece, these leaded glass panels are just the thing for getting the gee whiz factor working.

Photo of several porch posts.

These porch posts are perfect for keeping that turn-of-the-century, farm house look, alive and well in the 21st century.

A photo a dining romm set, various windows and doors.

Please, come in and help us sort this stuff out. Dining room set, blue velvet covered chairs, windows and doors… you could own some of this stuff and be part of ending our confusion.

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No Aardvarks are allowed in the warehouse… their claws scratch the antiques.
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