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Dan and Brenda Overhauser Are you looking for low cost windows and doors? You can find thousands of doors and thousands of windows from several top manufacturers in our warehouse.

You'll find some real surprises here too. Moldings, flooring, bannisters, mirrors, architectural items and yes, antiques.

"Home do-it-yourselfers liken Overhauser's Manufacturers Outlet to a candy store. A candy store that doesn't advertise and can be a challenge to find, but a sweet deal once you're inside."*
*Spokesman Review, Rik Nelson / Correspondent

A photo of the staircase leading to the windows.

Please Call for Recorded Information: 509.838.5128

We are not staffed to answer phone calls. Please be sure to listen to our weekly recorded information for days and hours when we are available. Sometimes, we are out collecting!
(Please call before making a trip down)

Our Outlet is located at:
South 152 Lincoln Street (the old Crescent warehouse)
Please use the alley entrance.

Click this photo to visit our windows… in the basement >>>

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Here are a few photos of our main floor.

A photo of two of the main floor aisles, with doors and antiques in view
Choices, choices. This spot is just to the east of the office; going left will take you to lots of doors, straight ahead is more doors, some windows, and several antique items…
Good hunting!
A chandelier hangs above an assortment of antiques and other collectibles
Looking at the door that leads to the office
It's the office door… and a few antiques and collectibles.
A view of the main floor with a moose head high on a column.
Main floor looking southeast from the office… What moose?
A photo of some windows and doors on the main floor.
A few odd windows and some doors, deep in the northeast corner of the main floor.
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No Flamingos here!
We have a lot of items…
But we don't have any flamingos!

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